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Specialist Carpet Care are your local upholstery cleaners.

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Whether your favourite armchair needs a clean or the whole three piece suite we can help.

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Dan Johnson. Specialist Carpet Care


My name’s Dan and I’m the owner/operator of Specialist Carpet Care. 

I will personally clean your furniture using the latest equipment and techniques. 

Leaving your upholstery clean and smelling fresh.

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What Is Upholstery Cleaning?

Upholstery cleaning refers to the process of cleaning your fabric furniture.

Upholstered furniture includes armchairs, corner sofas, chaise longue, dining chairs and any other fabric covered furniture in your home or business.

These are the three main types of cleaning process.

Hot water extraction – sometimes known as steam cleaning.

Dry cleaning  – using solvents.

Low Moisture  – using a foam shampoo.

The most effective method is hot water extraction.

The goal is to remove dirt, stains, allergens and other contaminants from the fabric contributing to a healthier indoor environment.

Employing the services of an upholstery cleaning company will also extend the lifespan of your furniture.

upholstery cleaning a blue chair

Our Upholstery Cleaning Process

A new couch can be a significant investment, so having yours professionally cleaned makes sense.

Some fabrics can be wet cleaned, while others are dry clean only. Additionally, certain fabrics may shrink if wet cleaned or prove not to be colourfast. 

That’s why our 12 step process always starts with a pre-inspection survey where we identify the fabric, run tests and choose the most suitable method of cleaning.

12 steps of upholstery cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning Benefits

Extends Furniture Life

Improves Air Quality

Eliminates Harmful Pollutants

Reduces Allergens

Upholstery Cleaning Questions

Does Upholstery Cleaning Work?

Yes it does. 

Our steam cleaning machines and specialist detergents really work their way into every fibre of your furniture giving them a deep clean.

Your local sofa cleaner also has the relevant training and experience, ensuring a thorough and effective clean every time.

Is Steam Cleaning Good For Upholstery?

It is, if done by a cleaning professional.

Some fabrics should never be wet cleaned.

That’s why our expert upholstery cleaners always carry out a pre-survey before starting to determine fabric type.

How Long For Sofa To Dry After Cleaning?

Your sofa will be dry in between 6 and 12 hours depending on a few factors, fabric type, time of year, ventilation etc. 

We will start the drying process by using fans as we clean, so your furniture dries as quickly as possible.

How Much Does Upholstery Cleaning Cost?

Hiring a professional upholstery cleaner can cost from £25 for a small ottoman to £250 + for a large corner sofa.

The cost will be dependent on size, condition, etc.

We can give you an accurate quote today.

Upholstery Cleaning In My Area

We provide upholstery and carpet cleaning services in Lincolnshire and the surrounding area.

Whether you are a domestic or commercial customer we can help.

Some of the main areas we serve are listed below.

Upholstery Cleaning Prices

  • ARMCHAIR - £50
  • TWO SEAT SOFA - £100
  • THREE SEAT SOFA - £125
  • FOUR SEAT SOFA - £150
  • FIVE SEAT SOFA - £175
  • POUFFE - £25
  • OTTOMAN - £25

All carpet and upholstery cleaning prices are a guide and based on average room sizes with a minimum charge of £95


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Dan Johnson. Specialist Carpet Care